intuitive tarot 101 – A 5 week webinar course

JANUARY 20TH & 27TH, FEBRUARY 3RD, 10TH & 17TH (2019)


Join me in January & February for a 5 week tarot webinar class! If you’ve been wanting to learn the basics of tarot through a blend of tradition and intuition – this course is for you! This is an ideal class for beginners and those nearly-new to the tarot. Deepen your understanding of the cards and develop a personal relationship with this intuitive tool. In my teaching, I believe there is equal importance in understanding traditional symbolism and developing personal meaning for your cards. I will guide you through the 78 cards of the tarot through this lens.  

The class is interactive so you will have an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences at the end of each class. Each week you will be partnered with another member of the class and be given exercises to practice together. You will also receive weekly handouts and exercises to practice on your own each week. More details on what we cover over the course of this webinar can be found below. I so look forward to working with each of you! Blessings ~Nicky

*I will be teaching with the Rider Waite Smith tarot – you are required to have this deck on hand for the course, or a deck based on the Rider Waite. If you are unsure, please email me:

*Enrollment for this course closes on 1/19 & space is limited.

*All classes are recorded and you will have unlimited access to the recordings.


$155 USD

To redeem a gift certificate for this offering, please email with your name and certificate #. Thank you!

Upon Booking, you will receive a confirmation email. A week before the class begins you will receive instructions on how to prepare for the class and log in for the webinar. This webinar will be hosted through Zoom and can be accessed via computer or phone.


An overview of what we will cover:


How to care for your cards.

How to prepare for a reading and create a sacred practice for yourself. 

How the cards are structured.

Begin the Major Arcana. 


Complete the Major Arcana. 

Simple Tarot Spreads to practice.


Minor Arcana: Pentacles & Wands.


Minor Arcana: Cups & Swords


Court Cards.

Tarot Spreads.