Three Sagebrush bundles harvested at the Earthship Community in Taos, NM and handcrafted by Nicky. Sagebrush is a wonderful smudge for purifying and clearing your space and personal aura. Each bundle is approximately 6 inches in length, wrapped in 100% Hemp string. Each bundle is paired with a special crystal amplifying clarifying, cleansing, and calming energy. Once the bundle is used, you have a nice little crystal to keep forever! 

Clarify – The clarify bundle is paired with a clear quartz crystal, helping to clear out any dense energy and raise the vibration of your space and self.

Cleanse – The cleanse bundle is paired with a black tourmaline stone, helping to absorb any dense or low vibrational energy and protect your space and self. 

Calm – The calm bundle is paired with a amethyst crystal to assist with calming and soothing your aura and the energy of your space. 


$22 USD (Shipping Included – This item is available to the US and Canada only due to shipping restrictions)


Upon purchase, Nicky will email you for your mailing address.