Moon Manifestation KIT

The Moon Manifestation Kit is a special bundle of spiritual tools for anybody wanting to manifest with the energy of the moon! This offering includes the following items: 

-Moon Magic Mist-

A crystal infused aura and room spray to assist with connecting with the moon’s energy.

-Handcrafted Sagebrush Bundle-

Harvested at the Earthship Community in Taos, NM and crafted by Nicky. This bundle is approximately 6 inches in length, wrapped in 100% Hemp string. The crystal attached will be a clear quartz, amethyst or black tourmaline (It will vary from the one pictured here, chosen intuitively for you).


A handpicked crystal is chosen intuitively for you to assist with meditation and connection. This will most likely be a piece of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz or Amethyst, which will vary from the crystal in the picture. 


A printout with detailed meditation instructions as well as guidance on how to best use your spiritual tools throughout the moon manifestation process. (I will also email you a PDF copy)


$35 USD (Shipping Included – This package is available to the US and Canada only due to shipping restrictions)


Upon purchase, Nicky will email you for your mailing address. 

Looking for something more in depth? Check out our Moon Manifestation Package. This offering includes tarot readings and guidance in addition to these spiritual tools.