October 29th – November 4th, 2018

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aries



This week you are reminded to celebrate the completion of any goals and dreams, dear Aries. Perhaps you have been striving towards accomplishing some kind of goal, and you have finally approached the finish line. Seems like it’s even possible that you achieved a certain goal some time ago, and you still have yet to enjoy the rewards. It’s as if your instinct may be to sit and “guard your spoils”…You have pride and feel protection over your success, but in this case you haven’t integrated it into your life or fully enjoyed it.

Rather than simply protecting your good fortune and achievements, you are now encouraged to enjoy them and experience them fully. Don’t be afraid to celebrate a bit, and even to share some of your happiness and riches with those around you (this doesn’t necessarily mean financial riches- this could indicate energetic or emotional riches). Keeping your accomplishments and abundance up on a shelf can indeed feel safe, but where is the fun in that? What’s the point of being rewarded if you never get to enjoy the reward?

Your affirmation for this week: “I fully celebrate my accomplishments this week- I enjoy the process, the completion and the rewards that come after my success!”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Taurus



Dear Taurus, this week you may experience a slight setback of some kind within your material world. Perhaps a job you were expecting didn’t work out, or maybe you didn’t meet your monthly financial goals. You could even just be feeling unmotivated this week, or particularly tired and worn out. It is likely something small but it may feel like a big roadblock to you.

What’s important to realize is that this card often indicates a poverty or hardship mentality– even when in reality everything is OK. So remember that your thoughts attract your reality this week, Taurus. Even more, your thoughts continue to feed into everything that happens to you. If you are expecting things to decline this week, they likely will. Above all, it’s important for you to stay positive and continue to strive for what you really want. Rather than accepting defeat or allowing yourself to fall into a state of helplessness – reclaim your power and rewrite your story this week. Pick yourself up and choose a different path. The power is your own mind!

Your affirmation for this week: “My thoughts inform my reality, and so I choose thoughts that lead me down the best possible path. If I fall at any moment, it is within my power to get up and continue on my way.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Gemini



Dear Gemini, this week you may be confronted with a challenge or conflict that has you all in your feels. Perhaps someone you know has confronted you and rubbed you the wrong way. Maybe something at work didn’t go as you had planned. Possibly you are just feeling in a bit of a funk this week or unable to ditch some negative thought patterns you’re experiencing. Whatever the conflict may be, you are encouraged to process the situation with compassion and patience, and be as emotionally mature as possible at this time.

Rather than be reactive or jump to conclusions, try to gather all of the information you need to make informed and fair decisions for yourself and anyone else involved. Above all, try your best to balance your intuition and logic in all situations this week. If you feel that one is outweighing the other, take a step back and rebalance yourself. In balance you will find peace and resolution to anything that you face.

Your affirmation for this week: “I process and react from a place of maturity and balance.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Cancer



Dear Cancer, this week you are encouraged to feel into your blessings fully. Make time to enjoy the company of your loved ones, and remember to consider and appreciate everything you have accomplished in this life so far! Think back to where you were 1 year ago…5 years ago…10 years ago. What were you wishing for back then that you have since accomplished and integrated as the new “normal”?

Above all, don’t forget how far you have come, and don’t forget to enjoy the present moment. Maybe this week you can have a special dinner or celebration for yourself and any friends or loved ones that you want to share with. Rather than wait for a reason to throw a party, make up a reason! Realize that it’s reason enough that you have this amazing life you’ve put together. So find joy and practice gratitude for every little thing this week… Your life is truly incredible, and it’s especially important to remember that truth in the moments when it starts to feel like just another day.

Your affirmation for this week: “I am truly blessed with this life, and so grateful for myself, my loved ones, and everything I have done to get to where I am today.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Leo



This week you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed or over-scheduled, dear Leo. Especially within your world of work and obligation, there is a feeling of being overcommitted and perhaps scattered. Because of this potential, you are encouraged this week to plan intentionally and methodically as you move forward. Seems like you won’t necessarily be able to drop much from your schedule, however you can enter into this week with a plan!

So write out all of your commitments and consider how much time and energy you need to offer each task. Perhaps get the little things out of the way so that you can focus on the larger tasks. Above all, find ways to de-clutter your mind so that you can make clearheaded decisions and move forward with confidence. Seems like you are set up for a successful week, as long as you stay on top of yourself and commit to a plan.

Your affirmation for this week: “In proper planning, I accomplish everything I set out to do. When I lay out a plan, it’s much easier to move forward with confidence and clarity.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Virgo



Dear Virgo, this week you may find yourself at the edge of a somewhat difficult but necessary transition. Perhaps you are realizing that something needs to change or be let go in your life, and you’re finally ready to take action. Maybe you’ve reached a breaking point within a job or relationship. Perhaps your way of thinking is evolving and trying to push forward. Change is undoubtedly challenging, but it is the only way forward and will undoubtedly lead you to something more in alignment with your truth.

So if you feel the pressure of change and transition this week, allow yourself to take a step towards it. Above all, realize that postponing this shift will only make it harder to move through down the road. The more you resist, the more it will persist! While it may feel easier to put things off in the moment, realize now that you have the strength and are always guided and protected as you make these necessary changes in your life.

Your affirmation for this week: “With transition comes transformation. I make necessary changes in my life to be more in alignment with my truth.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Libra



This week you are reminded to pace yourself and practice patience in all that you do. Remember that the fastest person to accomplish a task does not often do the best job. So if you are working through something this week – perhaps a project or a conflict of some kind – remember to plan well and move slowly. Build your vision with care and intention – don’t cut corners or rush your process.

As a result of this patient and mindful approach, your end result will be much more to your liking! You will have built something stable and lasting. So if you find yourself feeling impatient with yourself or your process this week, remember that you are striving for something greater than short-term success. Also, taking a day off to process or plan is still an integral part of being productive. Don’t be too hard on yourself for the days where you feel less active – this is all part of building something successful.

Your affirmation for this week: “A slow and steady process brings the most lasting and successful end result.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Scorpio



Dear Scorpio, this week you are encouraged to give your mind and your spirit a well deserved rest. Whether this is in relation to a specific situation or just general advice, it’s time to lay down your swords and give yourself a break. Maybe you have been toiling over some conflict in your mind recently, or an old memory that you can’t seem to let go of. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a conflict with somebody else and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Seems like at this point the best thing you can do is walk away and redirect your energy elsewhere for a time.

Sometimes in giving our challenges and conflicts a rest, we can later come back with a renewed perspective and the sudden ability to resolve things more efficiently. However if we stay within the issue and continue thinking about it in the same old way, things don’t have a great chance of changing or being resolved. So this week take a step back and give it a rest. Come back to it later and things will feel much easier to manage.

Your affirmation for this week: “In giving myself a well deserved break, I recharge my ability to process properly and resolve challenges.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Sagittarius



Just take the cup, Sagittarius! This week you may find yourself in a bit of a funk- feeling as though things aren’t going your way and like they may never go your way. The 4 of Cups card pictures a pouting figure sitting down and looking away – unable (or unwilling?) to see the cup of happiness and opportunity being offered to him.

Sometimes when we get deep into a place of feeling sorry for ourselves, it’s almost as if we don’t want to come out of our mood. We think: What is the point? We become attached to our mood and the idea that nothing can possibly make it better… and so this week you are warned against this pitfall.

At some point having a negative outlook becomes a choice, dear Sag. So once you are through processing your disappointment or your mood, free yourself from the binds of this dense energetic space. Perhaps you lost something, or something didn’t go your way – it’s OK to feel sad, but then at some point you must be willing to move forward with your week and your life. There is a cup being offered to you when you are ready to acknowledge it. It may not be the original cup you had wanted…but it is the cup you need and it will fill you up!

Your affirmation for this week: “I recognize when it’s time to move on from disappointment and sadness. I know how to process my feelings without getting lost or stuck in them.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Capricorn



This week has the potential to transform your spirit through the act of release. So if you have the opportunity to let go of something that has been weighing you down or not serving you in some way – let it fall. Perhaps you have a chance this week to leave a job that you dislike, or a relationship that has been stressing you out and pushing you down. Maybe you are coming to the realization that your thought patterns are keeping you trapped in a loop of some kind. If these things are coming up for you right now, consider it may be time to release something.

Seems like you are ready for change, and all you need to do is accept this pending shift. Above all, know that transformation and change is a natural part of life. It’s OK to move on from things that are no longer working for you – even if they once were. So move forward this week, dear Capricorn, and don’t be afraid to release what no longer fits with you.

Your affirmation for this week: “In order to move forward, I must release that which is weighing me down.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aquarius



Dear Aquarius, this week you may find yourself torn in two directions or between two choices. Perhaps this is something as simple as picking between two Halloween parties. Or maybe it’s something on a larger scale – a job, a relationship or a life path you are unsure about. Above all, you must make the choice for yourself this week. Rather than picking the route you believe will please others or temper a conflict… pick the route that feels right in your heart.

By making heart centered choices now, you will better align with your truth and end up with more successful experiences and emotional fulfillment down the road. Furthermore, you will end up happier by trusting yourself and following your own path – your own unique path. So trust yourself and your instincts this week, dear Aquarius. Whether it’s something big or small – your choices are your own and only you know what is best for yourself and your greater vision.

Your affirmation for this week: “I make the best choices for myself. I can trust my heart and my intuition to guide me in the right direction.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Pisces



Dear Pisces, there’s potential this week for you to do some deep processing around heartache, loss or disappointment. Perhaps this week you experience a let down of some kind, or perhaps something from the past decides to come back up for you. Whether it’s something big or small, remember to process and acknowledge things as they come up. Your pain is valid, and ignoring it or resisting it will only make it push against you more.

Another important thing to remember is that when faced with heartache, we inevitably come through the other side feeling stronger and more clear on what we want. So realize that once the grieving phase has passed through you, there is a deeper lesson that you will hold on to forever. This is not about regret or resentment – it is about strength, clarity and resilience. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and then recognize the strength and growth that comes out of that place.

Your affirmation for this week: “In processing loss I find my strength.”

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