August 13th – 19th, 2018

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aries



This week you may find yourself feeling a bit restless and overwhelmed with an abundance of mental activity. So many ideas and such a potential for creation if you can just focus that mental energy and act on some of your thoughts! With so much mental chatter, you risk feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this newfound inspiration and you could find yourself frozen with indecision. The key is to focus in on a few of your ideas and plan towards putting them into action. Get organized and shed some of the extra clutter that comes with mental busyness! Then ride the creative wave that has hit you this week and see where it takes you.

Your message this week is also about believing in yourself and your vision, even if others don’t quite understand yet. You are likely at the beginning stages of something great and others may not see that before you have something to “show”. If something strikes you as a brilliant idea this week – trust in that. This could be something on a large or a small scale. For example, you may be inspired to set out on a new career this week, or perhaps you are simply inspired to go on a weekend trip to the beach this week. Stand your ground, shed any mental clutter, and keep your ideas moving forward.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Taurus



This week brings out on one of your strongest assets, dear Taurus – Slow and steady perseverance. You may find yourself working steadily towards a goal this week and it just isn’t producing results as quickly as you would like it to. Frustrating for a stubborn bull! Have patience with yourself and those around you as you slowly climb towards your goals. Work hard and be practical in everything you do – don’t try to take shortcuts or jump to conclusions about anything or anyone. Think things through very intentionally, take extra time in all processes and remember that while it may feel slow, you are indeed moving forward. This could relate to a number of aspects in your life depending on you.

Perhaps you are trying to meet a deadline at work, and it’s taking longer than expected to do the best possible job. Maybe you wanted to plan a last minute trip and it isn’t falling together – accept that it may just not be the best time, and plan it for next week so that it can be exactly what you want. You may even be trying to make amends with a loved one who just isn’t ready to forgive. Trying to rush through things this week will likely not bring you the results you are truly looking for. Best to take the slower (and perhaps more challenging) path so that you can wind up exactly where you want to be!

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Gemini



This week you may feel a lot of mental and creative energy flowing through you and with that energy an urgency to express yourself and those new ideas! The message for you this week is to hold on to your vision and ideas until you have taken some time to develop them in your own mind and heart. By expressing your plans too quickly and before they are ready, the energy around those ideas may fizzle out once the spark is shared. Especially if you are planning to share your vision with other people, really consider if you are ready to accept and be open to their opinions. There’s a chance you will share with somebody that doesn’t understand your seedling idea, and it may be crushed before it has a chance to grow roots. Protect your vision and allow it to expand within yourself.

Time, nurturing and patience is required for your ideas to truly blossom this week. This could speak to any number of things depending on your situation. Perhaps your idea is something small like a gathering you would like to plan for your friends. Or maybe it’s something big-picture like a new creative endeavor. Practice patience with yourself this week, and give your ideas room to grow before rushing out to share them with the world.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Cancer



This week encourages you to heal a relationship(s) from your past through the act of forgiveness and speaking your truth. It’s as if somebody (or the memory of somebody) pops back into your life, opening a door for you to heal old wounds. If an opportunity does not present itself to you, consider creating one for yourself. Perhaps an old lover shows up in your town and wants to have coffee, but you are still harboring feelings of resentment towards them. Can you make it there and speak your feelings to that person, bring your truth to the surface and concluding in forgiveness? Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about your father who has already passed away, and all the ways in which he never approved of you. Can you communicate your truth to him through meditation or ritual, and find a way towards closure? These are just examples – it could look any number of ways to you. Perhaps there is even a need to send love, forgiveness, and goodwill to your self as a younger person.

This week is about finding ways to heal your past so that you can make a better future for yourself. Do your best to embrace opportunities to do so – they will bring you closer to your true path and the person you are becoming.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Leo



This week you are encouraged to balance your practical and grounded side with your emotional and heart-centered side. You may be reminded in some way that you cannot have success and fulfillment without both aspects of yourself present. Perhaps you will find yourself lost in your duties and responsibilities this week, and you forget to listen to your inner voice. Or conversely you may be flowing with your feelings this week, and completely neglect your obligations and commitments. This kind of imbalance could lead to disharmony within yourself and your environment.

Make an effort to be intentional with planning your time and considering where you are putting your energy. If you feel that you are tipping the scales heavily in one direction, stop and center yourself. Ask yourself, “Which is the best pathway forward in this situation?” Be incredibly patient and gentle with yourself this week as you navigate your schedule to meet your needs and achieve balance. Know that there is a way to move successfully through this week by spending time with the things you love as well as the things you must do.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Virgo



This week you may be feeling some disappointment surrounding an unfulfilled desire to manifest love into your life. Perhaps you have been hoping to bring this love into existence in some aspect of your world and it just hasn’t turned up yet. This could be a desire for a romantic partnership, a friendship, a like-minded community, or even a career that inspires love within you. Something that you have been hoping to create or attract isn’t showing up in the time you hoped, and it may have you feeling somewhat disengaged or bluesy this week.

The message for you this week, dear Virgo, is not to lose hope. Manifestation takes time and trust! Rarely do our goals and intentions come to into being in the exact way we had imagined. Sometimes the universe takes our plans and improves on them! And if you are too focused on failure or disappointment, you may not recognize when your gift of love arrives. Keep up your vibration this week and have faith that everything you seek will come to you in the time it is meant to. Keep visualizing your goals and sending signals out to the universe, and in the meantime enjoy yourself and all of the wonderful things you already have!

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Libra



This week you may be faced with some stress or anxiety around your sense of stability or material wealth. Perhaps you’re worried about the future and your savings. Or maybe you are just heading off for a weekend getaway and feel overly concerned about spending too much money. However this shows up for you, your message is to calm your thoughts and any turbulent emotions that come up for you this week. Ground and center yourself if you find you’re getting caught up in negative feelings and worry. What you risk is blowing a situation out of proportion and becoming frozen in your self-imposed feelings of scarcity.

Find ways to build up your inner strength and confidence this week by confronting any stressful thoughts and working through them. Don’t allow them to take over! Release any stress or worry by talking it out with friends and loved ones, and through any other method, you may find helpful. Perhaps some meditation or a walk in nature would help to clear your mind and re-align yourself with your truth. Do your best to see when fear is taking over, and intentionally separate that fear from reality. You are strong and you will make it through any challenges or stress you are faced with this week, dear Libra!

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Scorpio



This week you may experience a setback or challenge to do with something you have recently been working hard towards. It may feel like a huge upset to hit this bump in the road, but you are reminded that it is only that – a bump, not a mountain. If you have a goal, vision, situation or relationship that faces any kind of challenge this week – persevere and work through it. Perhaps this is a creative project you’ve worked on that doesn’t end up presenting well. Or maybe you’ve been saving up money, and then your car unexpectedly gets a flat tire you must pay for. It could even be that you’ve been working hard towards eating healthy this week, and you decide to indulge in some pizza, which leads to a stomachache! This could present itself as something small or on a larger scale.

You may feel as though your progress is moving much slower than you wanted it to, but remember that the most amazing results come from patience and hard work. You’re encouraged to keep trying, keep moving, and don’t allow any setbacks to stop you from achieving what you want. You don’t need overnight success, so be patient with yourself this week and embrace a slower pace.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Sagittarius



This week brings you the potential to break through some recent stress or anxiety you may have been experiencing in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility you have taken on lately, or maybe there is a particular situation or relationship that has had you worried and stressed out. The fog should be lifting this week and you are encouraged to have hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Something wonderful is emerging from the challenges or stress you have recently been through.

This week is all about breaking through and moving forward – try to redirect your energy from that which is keeping you stressed towards a new creative idea or adventure. If you are feeling inspired this week to do something fun or try something new, take that inspiration into reality! There’s a lot of potential for creativity in your world right now, so take advantage of that and explore new pathways. Let your worries fall behind you as you step into this week, knowing that it can be whatever you want it to be. Let it be something great!

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Capricorn



This week you have the potential to accomplish or complete something that you have recently been putting a lot of your effort and time into. Perhaps you’re closing out an important project at work, or you are wrapping up on a home renovation. It’s even possible you are about to go on vacation or a trip! Whatever this looks like to you, you are encouraged to push through and keep your head down until the very end. Don’t extend this obligation longer than it needs to be when you are so close to completion.

And congratulations, for you’re almost at the finish line! Once you bring your project, work or situation to a full close, take time to celebrate your freedom and success. Leap into the next phase of your life with hope and enthusiasm. It’s likely that you already have another plan or idea that you have been hoping to act on but you haven’t had the time. Now you do! Start brainstorming and planning for what this is going to look like and how it will take form. Celebrate your freedom and this new beginning as you embrace the next chapter.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aquarius



This week may present you with so many choices and decisions that you find yourself unable to move forward, dear Aquarius. Perhaps you are in a situation where everybody wants to advise you on what to do, and you don’t know which way to turn. Or maybe you have a lot of choices to make in your life right now – whether they are career choices, love, location, or even just plans for the week – and you don’t know what to do. There is a feeling of confusion and overwhelm this week that could have a wanting to escape or run away. Don’t allow yourself to become scattered and overwhelmed – you have the answers within you already.

You are encouraged this week to make decisions for yourself based on your intuition and your own experience. Take control of your situation in all aspects of your life and don’t question yourself at this time. Set boundaries with anybody trying to control your choices, and move forward with confidence in yourself. Only you know what is best for you, and this is the week to believe in that and let it be known. If the answers are not immediately apparent to you, spend some time in silence or meditation and wait until something comes to you. Once you have an outline, get organized and make your intentions clear to yourself and others. Know that you have the ability to successfully take control of your own life this week!

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Pisces



Dear Pisces, this week you are reminded that the only person keeping you from the happiness and emotional fulfillment you seek is yourself. You may be faced with some self-constricting thoughts and beliefs this week that are uncomfortable but necessary to confront. It could be time to ask yourself, “What thoughts and attachments do I hold onto that I think are serving me, but in reality are keeping me stuck?” Perhaps there is a past relationship that you hold resentment towards and the thought of that person is still dragging you down. Who does it serve for you to stay attached? Maybe you find yourself constantly feeling as though nothing is going your way this week. How are those thought patterns really serving you?

Happiness is available to you when you’re ready to see it. This week you are encouraged to take steps in some aspect of your life towards releasing unhealthy attachments, illusion or stress so that you can open yourself up to feelings that are in alignment with what you want. Experiences will follow your feelings. If you are feeling fearful or you are stuck in the past – your experiences in the present will reflect those feelings. Do your best this week to recognize where you may be stuck and what you can do to let go of the old so that you can be present. The present is where you will find what you seek!

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