October 22nd – October 28th, 2018

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aries



Dear Aries, this week you may find yourself swept up in a creative pursuit of some kind. Seems like you could be struck with a new idea or perhaps renewed motivation within an existing interest. Maybe this is related to a creative project, but it could also speak to a relationship or even a thought process. What was once stagnant is now flowing forward and moving quite fast! So take advantage of this fast moving energy, and of course remember to look before you take any major leaps.

The Knight of Wands evokes feelings of excitement, forward movement and passionate inspiration. So if you aren’t naturally in that flow this week, perhaps it’s time you ask yourself how you can invite more passion and creative energy into your life right now. Perhaps take a look at the areas of your life that have stopped moving or slowed down, and consciously take steps towards moving forward. For example if passion within your partnership has come to a standstill, consider why this has happened and what you might do to rekindle the flame. Similarly if you are experiencing a block within an art piece or creative endeavor, consider going out and finding inspiration in something new so that you can come back with a fresh perspective. Above all, express yourself and be creative in your life this week. Seek passion and you will find yourself moving forward at lightning speed.

Your affirmation for this week: “I am creative, passionate and driven. I fearlessly drive my inspiration into reality with confidence and a sense of adventure.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Taurus



This week you are in your comfort zone embodying the Queen of Pentacles. Yay! Above all, her message for you right now is to have patience with yourself and those around you this week. Perhaps you are working towards building something up in your life at this time… a family, your career, or just general stability and abundance. It’s important to remember that these goals take time, patience and persistence. While it’s great to set goals for yourself – make sure you are being realistic, too. So pace yourself, work hard, and you will reach your goals in the time and in the way you are meant to.

Planning can also be an immense help for you this week and within your long-term goals. Maybe you dust off your old planner today and start to map out your vision or even just your plans for the week. Rather than leaving it all up to chance, consider how you could benefit from organizing your vision and time right now.

Your affirmation for this week: “I make slow and steady progress towards my goals. I know with proper planning and hard work I will achieve what I set out to do.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Gemini



Dear Gemini, it’s possible this week you may experience a loss or disappointment in some aspect of your life. Maybe you’re even feeling an old sadness or loss; perhaps something is coming up from your past and you are experiencing the pain all over again. Above all you are encouraged this week to feel your emotions fully. Give yourself permission to be sad, angry or disappointed. Rather than pushing away any difficult or constricting emotions, allow yourself to confront and move through them. You must move through them to eventually go past them.

While it can feel challenging and even annoying to experience emotional ups and downs- especially unexpected ones – realize they are a natural and even beautiful aspect of life. Resistance will only cause the feelings to grow within you and come out later in a bigger way. It’s OK and it’s human to feel deeply. So this week go easy on yourself, lovely Gemini, and perhaps spend some extra time on self care and love at this time.

Your affirmation for this week: “I feel my emotions fully, and I honor and accept all of them. Even in times of contraction, I am strong and whole.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Cancer



Dear Cancer, this week could mark the end of one phase and the beginning of a new phase for you. Perhaps you are leaving one job and starting a new one, or ending a relationship and embracing your new life as a solo artist. This could even signify the end of a way of thinking- leading to a new path, more in alignment with your true self. Whether it’s something small or something on a larger scale, you are experiencing the closing of one door and the potential opening of a new door.

While it can be tempting to jump from one door into the next, you are encouraged at this time to take a pause and celebrate everything you’ve accomplished up until now. Above all, acknowledge to yourself how amazing you are for getting to where you are in this moment. And celebration doesn’t have to look like a big party! Perhaps you take yourself out to lunch, or for a nice walk in the park. Maybe you buy yourself a gift, or even have a conversation with yourself in the mirror to let yourself know that you are PROUD. It’s important to process at every transition point in our lives, so make sure you take the time and care to process and celebrate for yourself this week before starting anything new.

Your affirmation for this week: “Before I move from one phase to the next, I take time to process and celebrate my past accomplishments. I am so proud of myself.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Leo



Well, last week we had the Page of Swords and this week it appears we have grown into the King of Swords! Perhaps last week you were still grappling with how to communicate something, and this week you have truly found your voice. Seems like communication or expression felt somewhat unrealized or underdeveloped before, and now you have found clarity. This is your opportunity, dear Leo, to say what you want to say clearly. To be heard as you stand strong and firm in your beliefs.

So if you have been hoping to express something to somebody or to the world, this is a great time to do so. Your mind is clear and your words are flowing. Maybe there is something you’ve been hoping to tell someone, or an aspect of yourself you’ve been needing to defend. Maybe it’s just a general opinion or philosophy you’ve only now realized how to express. Go for it, Leo, and know that you are strong and in your power this week. Clarity is on your side!

Your affirmation for this week: “I stand strong and clear in my truth. I express myself with ease and maturity this week, and my voice is heard.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Virgo



Dear Virgo, this week you are called on to ask yourself: How can I best be serving my community at this time? What can I offer to loved ones and friends that feeds my soul while also serving theirs? There is a sense of waiting, dear Virgo, as if the universe is waiting for you to put something out into the world. Perhaps there is a gift or project you have been holding within you that is itching to be released. While it can feel scary or uneasy to put our gifts out into the world, today you are encourage to do so. People need you, dear Virgo! On some level they are waiting for your gifts to touch their lives, even unbeknownst to them.

So this week take a look at what you may be holding back from your community and loved ones. What are you hiding beneath the folds of your soul? Perhaps now is the time to release insecurity or uncertainty around your offerings, and let your gifts fly free.

Your affirmation for this week: “I openly share my gifts with my community, knowing that that are needed right now. In moving past fear and sharing my truth, I inspire and touch the lives of many.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Libra



Dear Libra, this week you may have an opportunity to do something exciting and different for yourself. Perhaps you are invited to an unexpected party, or out for a date night. Maybe you noticed a sign up in your local shop for a new art class or yoga class, and it has you feeling inspired and motivated. Above all, don’t let these opportunities pass you by this week! Seems like you should be taking advantage of some of these gifts that are being offered to you, and enjoying the process of doing something new with your time this week.

This is really about feeling inspired and feeling that creative fire light up within you. Maybe you have been feeling like you are slipping into a somewhat repetitive routine lately- this week is your opportunity to mix it up! Also, if an opportunity doesn’t come up in an obvious way, think about seeking something out for yourself. While it’s always nice to be handed opportunities, you are largely being encouraged to take control of your own creative potential. So, do something exciting this week, dear Libra, and enjoy the feeling of trying something different.

Your affirmation for this week: “I embrace new opportunities with excitement and optimism. I have the potential to change up my routine and invite passion and creativity into my life.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Scorpio



This week you may find yourself making steady progress in some aspect of your life, dear Scorpio. While this is likely related to work or finances, this could also be related to your health, relationships or even thought patterns. Seems like there is a feeling of repetition and hard work that could be wearing you out somewhat, and so at this time you are called on to slow down the pace if you need to. Remember that you have time…and often the best results come from patience and thoughtful planning.

So if you feel tired or worn out at all this week, know that it’s OK to take a break. Also, remember that you have resources and community to call on if you need help in any way. Perhaps you’ve hit a roadblock within your process because you haven’t mastered a certain skill. Maybe there is somebody in your life who has? Might they be willing to step in and help you? Rather than assume you are on your own, know in your heart that you have a team that wants you to succeed. Furthermore, not only do you have a team on the physical plane, you have a divine team to call on for help as well. So ask for help if you need it, and remember to take care this week as you work hard towards accomplishing your goals.

Your affirmation for this week: “As I work hard towards accomplishing my goals, I recognize when there’s a need to slow down and pace myself. I also know there is help in every direction if I need it.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Sagittarius



This week you may find yourself setting out on a new journey of some kind, and you are called on to have trust in the process as you take these first steps. This journey could show up for you in a small way or on a larger scale, depending on you. Perhaps this is a new business venture or a new relationship. Maybe you are just starting a new class this week! This could even be the beginning of a new thought pattern for you. New beginnings are exciting but can also feel scary, especially when in so many ways we have learned to be skeptical and wary of taking on new things.

The Fool embodies the spirit of the divine child, and has complete trust that he will end up where he is meant to go. So as you embark down this new path, know that you are guided and that everything is moving the way it is meant to. While there is always a need to be cautious as we move forward, it’s important that caution does not turn into fear and anxiety. Fear keeps us from enjoyment and often can lock us into place or hold us back. So do your best at this time to balance your life experience and wisdom with trust and openness. Finally, enjoy this new journey, dear Sag!

Your affirmation for this week: “I embrace new beginnings with trust and optimism. I balance my logic with a healthy dose of curiosity and openness.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Capricorn



This is a week to expect the unexpected, dear Cap! It’s possible that some aspect of your life gets thrown off course this week, and it leaves you feeling a bit stunned. Perhaps a job you were expecting falls through, or a relationship comes to an abrupt halt. Maybe something you have believed in your whole life is challenged this week, and you just don’t know what you believe anymore! Something that previously felt stable and secure is now either being shaken or shattered. What’s important to remember is that whatever falls away in this dismantling is for your highest and best, even if you aren’t able to see it right now.

Sometimes when we are going through the motions in our life, we lose perspective on things that are no longer serving our highest good. We know that change and transitions can be difficult, and so to protect ourselves we avoid these upheavals by telling ourselves everything is OK the way it is. As a result we can end up in these situations or with these thought patterns that are really no longer helping us or moving us forward. That’s when the universe steps in, knowing that we won’t take action ourselves. So keep this in mind if you experience any unexpected hiccups, losses or challenges this week. Above all, it’s for the best and you will see that when you are ready to.

Your affirmation for this week: “I accept and flow with unexpected change and challenges. I know that my life is shifting for a reason, and that reason will be clear to me when I am ready to see it.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aquarius



Dear Aquarius, this week it feels like you are at the edge of a great adventure or endeavor. Seems like you have been either mulling over a new idea or you have begun the planning and are now taking the first steps. Maybe this is a creative project you have been working on, or a class you have been planning to offer. Perhaps this has to do with your relationships, and you are making the first steps with a new partner. Whatever it is, move forward with confidence.

While this is often an easy stage to lose interest or let go of a creative pursuit, you are encouraged this week to keep pushing yourself and continue to move forward. Above all, know that you are heading towards success and remember that you are still in the early stages. Plan properly and get organized this week- this will set you up for success down the road. Also, this could be a great time to start sharing your vision and ideas with others. As a result of sharing you are solidifying and committing to your vision in a new way. So work hard this week, Aquarius, and keep your eye on the prize!

Your affirmation for this week: “I believe in my vision and this week I take steps to move it forward into reality.”

Hope you loved your Tarotscope. Come back next week for more Tarotscopes by The Van Mystic.



Tarotscopes Symbol for Pisces



This week is a lesson in balance for you, dear Pisces. Perhaps this is an internal balance between your masculine and feminine aspects. Maybe it’s a balance between your work and home life. Or even a balance between all of the commitments you have taken on this week – those can add up and quickly becoming overwhelming! And there is a definite feeling of overwhelm for you this week. Seems like something has got to give in your life or schedule right now, dear Pisces, and it’s time you sit down with yourself and see what that could be.

Maybe you need a day off from work so that you can relax and have a day just for yourself? Perhaps you have been overly demanding of yourself and others lately, and there’s a need to release some of that control and address the root issue behind your rigidity. Whatever feels out of balance for you right now, it’s time to address it and bring it back into a place of peace. Above all, this is for your own state of mind and fulfillment – this sense of balance will make everything flow much more easily for you.

Your affirmation for this week: “I let go of excess this week and I embrace what I lack. In balance I find peace.”

Hope you loved your Tarotscope. Come back next week for more Tarotscopes by The Van Mystic.