October 8th – October 14th, 2018

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aries



This week you may find yourself inspired by a new thought, idea or vision. There is a restless energy within you that is now hoping to shape itself into reality. Seems like you are working towards expressing something new, and there is a need to tend to your thoughts right now. So if you feel this week that your ideas are flowing in excess, find ways to let them out of your mind. Perhaps write down a list of all of the ideas you have, or have an open conversation with somebody to work through the details.

Above all it’s important not to hold these thoughts to yourself. When you hold them in, they may fizzle out before they have a chance to be expressed. So dive in to your new vision in the fearless and hopeful attitude of a Page. Everything is new and exciting to a Page because they are just beginning on their journey. So much to learn and so much room to grow. So enjoy the beginning of this process!

Your affirmation for this week: “I express new ideas as they come to me and take time to develop them. I put my excess energy and thoughts to good use and share them with the world so that they may grow in reality.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Taurus



Dear Taurus, what a distinct difference from last weeks imagery! I must point out that last week we had the Devil card, picturing a man and fem figure in chains – bound to the “devil”. This week we have the Lovers card with almost identical imagery, however the couple is unbound (free) and protected by an angel. These cards are a stark contrast to each other and signify a positive shift within your life, likely within your relationship(s). Seems like where you once felt bound, you now have the potential to set yourself free. What felt difficult before may now feel easier. Choices that couldn’t be understood last week are now clear.

Perhaps you were struggling with something last week and you’ve just found a way to shift it in a positive direction. Maybe you had an old pattern or habit you were trying to reverse and this week that you are beginning to turn it around. Communication with a loved one or lover could be opening up at this time. So take advantage of this very open and loving energy right now. Make an effort to rectify, communicate and shift whatever may need to change within your partnerships or relationships. Above all enjoy this time of easy flow!

Your affirmation for this week: “I free myself from any self imposed binds I had previously created. I communicate openly and shift in a positive direction with ease and compassion for myself and others.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Gemini



This week you may have something exciting happening, dear Gemini! Perhaps a new adventure or creative pursuit is in store for you. Don’t be surprised if an opportunity to do something fun comes your way, and if it does – go for it! Above all this week encourages you to allow your inner child to come out and play. So do something silly, fun, entertaining and even simple this week. Nourish your creativity and find new ways of expressing yourself, whether it’s through art or any other type of creative expression.

Don’t worry about the final outcome of your pursuits or whether or not you are “good” at them. Rather than put expectations on everything you do this week, allow yourself to do things for the joy of the process. As a result of trying something new, you could discover something you never thought you would enjoy! So take ahold of any opportunities for adventure and fun this week, and if nothing comes your way, create something for yourself.

Your affirmation for this week: “I listen to the voice of my inner child. I allow my curiosity to lead me towards fun and play this week.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Cancer



Oh la la, Cancer! It’s looking like a potentially fun and socially fulfilling week ahead. Maybe you have a party planned already, or maybe you’re just in a party mood! This could also indicate a networking event with opportunities to meet potential clients or peers. Seems like either way there is a social aspect to your week, and you are encouraged to get dressed up and go out!

There is also a call for confidence this week, and knowing how to go for and get what you want. So if there is something that you have been hoping to pursue or somebody you’ve been hoping to approach, this is your sign! Put yourself out there. Build up your self confidence in whatever ways you can this week and take time to reassure yourself that you deserve success and the opportunity to achieve your goals. Above all, believe in yourself and go for what you want, whatever that looks like to you this week.

Your affirmation for this week: “In putting myself out into the world, I am bettering my own chances at success and happiness. I know I can achieve my goals when I have confidence in myself and I share that with others.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Leo



Dear Leo, this week you are called on to enjoy yourself and the world around you. Above all I would think about moving your body and finding ways to stay active this week. Seems like there is a need to let loose a little – mind, body and spirit. Especially if you have a lot of work or obligations on your plate right now, set some time aside to play and have fun. It could feel easy to go through the motions and put off your own enjoyment at this time – so make sure your happiness is as much of a priority as your work and duty.

Also think about getting some time outdoors this week. Appreciate nature and the beauty that surrounds you. Visit your favorite tree, spend some time listening to the ocean waves, or maybe a simple walk in the park. Fill your cup and feel into your connection with the great mystery that is earth. Even more than usual it will help you to connect to nature in this way.

Your affirmation for this week: “I take time to enjoy my life, my self and my surroundings. I prioritize my connection to nature this week and I appreciate all that is.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Virgo



Well, dear Virgo, it seems we have finally broken away from the 5 of Swords energy and we are charging forward with the Knight of Wands. I feel as if this week is something of a breakthrough for you. There is a lot of potential for forward movement and passionate adventures this week! Perhaps you have decided to drive forward a new creative pursuit and you are feeling free and fearless. Maybe you are itching to go on a wild trip this week and bringing all of your friends along. Maybe you’ve met a new potential partner and you are ready to dive head first into love and passion! Due to an influx of inspiration and creative energy, you seem to be ready to go, go, go!

Your advice this week as you ride this wild streak of creativity is to make sure you stop and take a little breath before jumping head first into anything. Because of the fast and furious nature of the Knight of Wands energy, you risk running towards something without fully realizing what it even is. By all means, go for it this week and enjoy – just take a little step back and make sure you are thinking things through a bit before taking a big leap.

Your affirmation for this week: “I dive into passion, but I do not rush. I lead with excitement and I allow myself to fearlessly pursue my desires.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Libra



Libra, dear! This is the week to make slow and steady progress on something within your material world. Perhaps some of you are making strides on something at work, at home or even within your health and you’re hoping for things to progress quickly. The message for you this week is to practice patience with yourself and others as you move forward. Rather than rush through the steps for a speedy result, make sure there is a “method to your madness”. The best results will come out of hard work, proper planning and perseverance this week.

So if you have a feeling that something needs some special time and attention to come out the way you would like – listen to that little voice in your head telling you to slow down. Slow and steady wins the race in this case! Even more this week, it’s important to remember to take things step by step.

Your affirmation for this week: “This week I am patient with myself and others as I make slow and steady progress towards my goals. I know I will get the best results from hard work and thoughtful planning.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Scorpio



My dear Scorpio, this week you are reminded that there is a divine plan and you do not always have control over the process. For that reason you are encouraged this week to let go and ride the wave a bit! Perhaps there is a situation or challenge in your life that you wish to guide or define. Maybe you have an unexpected “up” moment or a “down” moment this week, and you are left feeling surprised. This is the ebb and flow of life, my love!

Do your best this week to realize that these challenges, these ups and downs, the wins and losses are all lessons we must work through in this life. You will come through these situations stronger and truer than you were before. So whether you are on a ride upwards or downwards this week, remember that nothing is ever fixed. When there is an “up” it will inevitably be followed by a “down”, and vice versa. Above all, enjoy life this week even with the contractions and expansive moments. Accept these movements with grace and accept and flow through your emotions the best that you can.

Your affirmation for this week: “I do not control the divine ebb and flow of life. I understand that life is full of ups and downs, and I know how to navigate these changes in life with ease and grace.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Sagittarius



Dear Sag, this week you may find yourself motivated to take action on something that has been lying dormant for some time now. Perhaps you have been ignoring some aspect of your life, a project or even a channel of thought that is now calling out to be awakened. Take some time to consider what this could be speaking to in your life right now. Maybe you used to exercise more but lately you just haven’t had the time. Perhaps you previously spent a lot of time writing, journaling or reading and you haven’t picked up a notebook in ages.

Whatever it may be for you, right now you are encouraged to dust something off and start again. Above all, this about renewing a sense of wonder, excitement and curiosity within yourself. Maybe there was something in your “previous life” that brought you a lot of excitement and joy… So what was it? What lit up your spirit? What is sleeping within you and hoping to be awakened this week? Perhaps it’s time to wake it UP!

Your affirmation for this week: “I awaken the dormant spark within me.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Capricorn



This week you may unexpectedly have an opportunity fall into your lap related to finances, work or health. Perhaps this even takes form as unexpected inspiration. It’s possible you will even experience a wave of motivation within your existing work or position this week that gives you a sense of renewal.

Because of this gift and potential energy coming your way, make sure you keep your head up and your heart open at this time. If you are looking down or expecting nothing, than you may not see anything! Seems like you are being asked to expect the unexpected and be open to change and newness right now, dear Capricorn. Above all, if the inspiration or opportunity does come your way – make sure you take advantage! Inspiration will fizzle out if nothing is done with it on the material plane. So take control of the situation and grab on to any opportunity that comes your way this week!


Your affirmation for this week: “New opportunities are coming my way. I am ready to receive them and put them into action.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aquarius



This week you may be in the midst of working hard on something or starting something new within your work, finances or health. Perhaps you are even feeling especially motivated or ambitious this week – ride that wave, Aquarius! This is a great week to take your ambition and motivation to meet your goals. Rather than mosey through your ideas and move forward with uncertainty, take the reigns this week and get organized.

The Knight of Pentacles asks you to plan well and move quickly. Most importantly, this is a perfect week to pay attention to details. Above all, take notice the “little things” and let no stone go unturned. Throw yourself into your work or plans this week and allow yourself to be consumed! Stay focused and you will meet success.

Your affirmation for this week: “I move forward towards my goals with certainty and organized effort. I work hard and I follow my ambition to the finish line.”

Hope you loved your Tarotscope. Come back next week for more Tarotscopes by The Van Mystic.



Tarotscopes Symbol for Pisces



My dear intuitive Pisces, this week you are called on to tap into your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Maybe you have a situation or challenge this week that you are trying to make choices around – this is your sign to trust your instincts. Perhaps you are feeling somewhat disconnected this week, scatter-brained or even just “blah”. So take some extra special time and care to go within this week – tap in to your subconscious and really listen to your own gut feelings.

Above all, know that you can trust yourself this week. While you may feel a bit off or uncertain, you really do have the answers within. Even more this week, allow yourself to make decisions based on your feelings and instincts. You know what is truth.

Your affirmation for this week: “I trust myself to make the best choices as I move forward on my path. I take special time and care to listen to my inner voice and understand my intuition this week.”

Hope you loved your Tarotscope. Come back next week for more Tarotscopes by The Van Mystic.