September 24th – September 30th, 2018

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aries



This week you may be presented with a new opportunity for abundance, work, or material expansion. As a result, you may find yourself incredibly busy and focused on creation mode this week! Maybe a new job or promotion is coming your way this week. Perhaps inspiration and the desire to create and sell something strikes you. Maybe a chance at bettering your health or your wealth has unexpectedly presented itself to you.

So keep your eyes and your spirit open to receive these gifts! If you are not paying attention, opportunity may pass you by and you risk losing your chance. Move into this week believing that abundance is coming your way, and it will likely do just that!

Your affirmation for this week: “I see opportunity for abundance all around me. When I am paying attention and remaining open, I can see clearly all that is available for me. I am inspired to create, to work, and to expand on the opportunities I have been given.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Taurus



This week, dear Taurus, you are called on to embrace stillness and calmness of the mind. Maybe you are working through a challenge or situation in your life that requires resolution right now. It can be overwhelming and tiring when we try to work through everything in our own head! For that reason, consider that perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to work towards a calm state of mind so that you can eventually reach clarity.

So how can you best calm your mind and move towards peace and resolve? That will look different for everybody! Some may need to talk out their worries with loved ones, while others may need to take a break from people so that they can hear themselves think. Maybe you take a trip to the beach, a walk in the forest, a meditation or even dinner with a friend. Journaling is also a fantastic way to release clutter in the mind! Above all, do what works for you. Ultimately, the goal is to empty out the excess thoughts so that you can move forward more efficiently.

Your affirmation for this week: “I find healthy ways to release clutter in my mind so that I can think, see and act more clearly. I strive for clarity and peace of mind, and I go out of my way to achieve this state.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Gemini



This week you may find yourself caught in a situation or a mindset that has you feeling stuck and stressed out. Maybe a challenge comes your way that feels difficult to resolve. Or you could even just be generally stressed and under pressure. As a result this may have your mind spinning down a bit of a rabbit hole! You risk getting somewhat lost in your own head and your own stress, potentially blowing situations and challenges out of proportion. It’s important to realize in these moments that you have more power than you realize, and you are usually never as trapped as you may feel.

Do your best this week to separate fear from reality, and work towards positive thinking and resolution vs. isolation and self imposed defeat. Above all remember that the mind is a powerful tool and sometimes it can turn against us! We can often lead ourselves to believe that our situation is out of control or worse than it really is. So this week do your best to recognize that you may only be stuck or trapped in your own head, and empower yourself to break free and reclaim your power when you are ready.

Your affirmation for this week: “I am never stuck. I always have the power to make new choices and better choices for myself. I move forward knowing that I am in control and everything is going to be OK.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Cancer



This week is one of joy for you, dear Cancer. If you don’t have plans to do something fun and heart centered already, make sure to plan something for yourself! This is a week to make time for loved ones and celebration – perhaps to celebrate something you’ve achieved recently or perhaps just to celebrate life and love.

Above all you should make time to do something that is emotionally fulfilling to YOU. Something that makes your heart sing – even something that others may not understand. So, what makes you tick? What makes you feel good? Make time for that! Rather than focusing all of your time and energy on obligation, work and duty – make time to feed your spirit this week.

Your affirmation for this week: “Celebration and joy are priorities in my life. I move towards happiness, and I am lead there by my own heart. I make time for myself and I make time to appreciate and enjoy the life I have created.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Leo



Well, dear Leo, it’s frankly not the easiest card to move through this week! The 10 of Swords represents the end of a challenging cycle accompanied by a feeling of defeat at the end of that cycle. This could show up for you on a small scale or a larger scale depending on your experience. Perhaps a disappointment comes up to meet you at work or within a relationship this week and it has you feeling somewhat at a loss. Or maybe you are simply and generally exhausted from taking on too much, and it’s finally catching up to you this week.

While you may feel inclined to accept defeat or give in to exhaustion this week, you are encouraged to recognize that with every ending there is potential for a beginning. Even the most difficult closures or rejections give you space to pick yourself up and create something new when you are ready. So hold this in mind if you fall into any challenges this week!

Your affirmation for this week: “Defeat is not failure. Endings are also beginnings. When challenges knock me down, I know I have the inner strength to pull myself up and move forward.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Virgo



My dear Virgo, this week a confrontation or challenge may come your way that has you or somebody else fighting to be in the right at all costs. It seems like there may be more importance placed on winning in this situation than there is on listening and resolving. Think deeply this week if there is a relationship or area in your life where you or another are holding on to the need to be right rather than the desire for resolution. Maybe this is even something that you are even battling within yourself. Perhaps an old attachment or opinion you have that you are trying to convince yourself is still valid, even if it’s no longer relevant.

So what can you do to turn this dynamic around this week? How can you address this and recognize that in holding on to this “need to win” you are only hurting yourself and others involved? While it’s important to be heard and communicate your needs and opinions openly, remember to be open to compromise and new ideas as well this week.

Your affirmation for this week: “When I hold on to the need to win above all else, I lose. When I am open to listening to others, communication flows much more easily. I can still stand up for my beliefs while being open to the opinions of others. And it is OK to admit that I am wrong sometimes.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Libra



This week you may find yourself feeling somewhat hyper sensitive and deeply driven by your emotions. Perhaps this shows up as an overflow of “gut feelings”, or maybe you are feeling easily triggered or reactive to outside comments and situations. Generally you may just have a lot of feelings rising up to the surface at this time. Rather than trying to stuff away this overflow of emotions, do your best to acknowledge and process them. Use these feelings for your work, interactions and decision-making. If you listen closely to your inner voice, you will notice some important messages you may otherwise be missing.

So, while you may be inclined to ignore your feelings or banish them deeper within yourself, do your best to honor and trust them instead. Even if you feel that your emotions are irrational this week, recognize that they are still valid and valuable. Spend some extra time alone if you can right now so that you may process properly and feel into your intuition as you need to.

Your affirmation for this week: “I trust that my emotions are coming up for a reason. I take time to acknowledge my feelings and listen to my voice within. Processing my feelings gives me strength, and following my intuition leads me closer to my true path.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Scorpio



This week may gift you with divine inspiration in some aspect of your life, dear Scorpio. Maybe a brilliant idea for a creative project strikes you, or a wave of motivation hits you and inspires you to embark on a new adventure. You may even meet a new partner or friend and form a passionate bond this week! Even more than usual, you are encouraged to keep your heart and spirit open for creative and inspiring opportunities to come into your life.

Above all you must believe that you will indeed be gifted with this inspiration, as it’s more likely that you will receive it if your eyes are open and looking for it. If you are hiding yourself away and expecting nothing special – that’s what you’re gonna get! Hence, be open to possibilities and newness right now. The lightning bolt of passion and inspiration is seeking you out, so make sure you are paying attention and don’t let it pass you by.

Your affirmation for this week: “I am open and ready for passion and inspiration to enter my life. I recognize that unexpected gifts of inspiration are an opportunity for collaboration with the divine in realizing my goals. I must partner with this force to take my inspiration into creation.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Sagittarius



This week you may find yourself faced with some indecision or confusion in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you’ve approached a crossroads in some area of your life or even at some point in your week, and you are suddenly stuck and unsure of your direction. Above all, it is key to be honest with yourself about which direction is actually realistic for you at this time. There is a call to “get your head out of the clouds” and recognize what is tangible vs. what is fantasy. Are all of the options in front of you actually attainable right now? Might you be creating some confusion for yourself by imagining options that are not really available to you?

You are encouraged this week to get grounded within yourself and your environment. It’s time to shed the “fluff” and look at your situation for what it really is. From there, it will be much easier to make decisions and move forward in the right direction. Honesty and truth put you in your element, dear Sagittarius, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for you to do!

Your affirmation for this week: “I see a clear path ahead of me. I let go of any unrealistic outcomes and I focus on what’s real. From there I am able to make clear decisions and I move forward with ease and confidence.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Capricorn



This week a situation or challenge may come your way that requires you to put emotions to the side and react logically. Maybe this is a challenge at work, within a relationship, or even within your own mind. Whatever comes up that has you feeling reactionary, defensive or resistant – try to stop and center yourself before you react. Above all it’s crucial that you communicate clearly, and it may take you some time to get to a true place of clarity. So rather than say the first thing that comes to your mind, try to stop yourself and calm down beforehand.

Find healthy ways to process and refine your thoughts so that when you do communicate you know you will be heard and that you are saying exactly what you want to say. Emotions may cloud your judgment and ability to react and communicate clearly. So take some time for yourself before coming back to the table.

Your affirmation for this week: “Before I react, I take a step back. I am able to gain clarity and calm my emotions before confronting any difficult communication I am faced with this week.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aquarius



Dear Aquarius, the week ahead may present some up and down moments for you. Because of the potentially unpredictable nature of your week, you are encouraged to be flexible and adaptable in any way you can. Maybe you have somebody cancel plans on you at the last minute, or maybe you lose out on a job you were hoping to book. Perhaps you are having the time of your life this week, and abruptly a challenge confront you. Conversely you may be surprised by an unexpected gift or advantage which awakens you from feeling down.

There is a need and a call to ebb and flow with your challenges and achievements both. Above all to accept this as a natural rhythm and know that you are still on the right path no matter if you are up or down. So if you are struck with any unpredictable challenges or gifts this week, accept them as the divine timing and rhythm of your life in this moment. Everything will be OK, and it will all be made easier if you accept and flow.

Your affirmation for this week: “I ebb and flow with the rhythm of life. No matter if I am up or down, I know that I am always on the right path. The more I accept and consciously move with my challenges and achievements, the easier it is to move forward and see their purpose.”

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Pisces



My dear Pisces, this week you may find yourself stuck in a bit of a funk. Perhaps there is some aspect of your life that is just not moving forward in the way you would like it to, and now you are starting to feel the weight of disappointment upon you. Maybe somebody has simply canceled plans or a date with you this week, and it’s really difficult to reset and leave the house! Due to some kind of disappointment or letdown, you may be feeling moody and having difficulty seeing the positive side of your situation.

Above all it’s important to realize that you have the power within you to redirect your energy elsewhere; to pick yourself up and move on. There is always opportunity available to you once you are able to reach out and take it. Do your best to remain positive and take control of your situation this week, even if you are faced with some unexpected letdowns. There is still so much to be grateful for; so much to celebrate and explore. Don’t cheat yourself out of a great week because you are feeling sorry for yourself, my dear. Feel your feelings and honor them, and then allow yourself to move forward and enjoy yourself!

Your affirmation for this week: “No situation is more powerful than me. With every disappointment comes an opportunity to learn and then put my energy elsewhere. There is always an option to hit the reset button and turn my week around for the better.”

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