“I have no idea how I came across Nicky’s Instagram but I’m so glad I did. I love her public tarot readings (it’s amazing how relevant they are!) and decided to treat myself to a 2019 reading.  

You guys. This reading. It revealed things I have s-l-o-w-l-y been coming to understand over the past year but have kept entirely private. Details (I believe not even meant to be significant) hammered home how personal this reading was – how it could only have been – FOR me.  

I have passed Nicky’s name on to my childhood best friend who just lost her father. That’s how beautiful this experience was. How helpful the gentle guidance, how inspiring the confirmation of my path.  When your ready, please treat yourself.”  

– Jill T.

“I was always a skeptic when it came to tarot reading… I was always afraid. I came across Nicky’s Instagram a few months ago and have been seeing her daily tarot posts and felt a huge connection to them, to her. I then decided I was going to get a reading done by her and wow what a mind blowing experience. She hit everything on the nail and then some. She guided me in a direction I’ve been wanting to guide myself for a long time .. peace and serenity. Nicky your an amazing individual and I am blessed to have found you! Since my reading I have referred two other people. All I can say is I trust Nicky with my life! Thank you for being such an amazing human being and please continue being this amazing! Thank you so much! I will be doing another reading soon.”

– Cynthia D.

Nicky is very intuitive and carries a genuine gift.  My spirit guide reading affirmed what I have been feeling while also opening me up to new discoveries.  Her work is detailed and thoughtfully explained. I absolutely plan on booking another reading with Nicky!

– Hannah G.

I was introduced to Van Mystic, Nicky Ferrada, by my daughter on Instagram.  My daughter had become interested in Tarot card reading, and Nicky provided her with inspiration and confidence.  I followed, and continue to follow, her daily posts which provide insight and readings. From the beginning, I felt her posts were personal and a bit magical because they touched me, almost daily, leaving me wondering and wanting for the next days post to come. Because of her consistent insight and guidance, I decided I needed and wanted more.

I have had both the Life Path reading and the Spirit Guide reading. Both important, and each chosen for a specific time in my life. Times when I needed guidance, confirmation, support and a desire to learn.

First, I had Nicky do the Life Path reading after suffering great loss and change. Her reading was detailed and included accurate information of a significant event, confirming the messages she was receiving were truly for me. She gave me hope with advice and tools for living my best life now and the future. Encouragement and support to start again, standing in truth and doing what is right for me. I work at “me”, every day.

Second, came the Spirit Guide reading. This is my favorite, I will be honest. I have had many readings in my lifetime, and many have spoken of my Spirit Guides, but only three have provided details specific to my Guides. Reaching my Guides and knowing they’re present is important to me, and most recently I have been working very hard to connect and communicate with my Spirit Guides. Nicky’s reading was AMAZING. So detailed, that it left me feeling that she had to have been drained of energy after its completion. Her description of each, and why they are with me, was intriguing and provided the validation that I needed. The cards she pulls and their representation, after the actual meditation, always leaves me wanting to learn more from my decks, and most definitely from my Guides. Some day I hope to have Nicky teach me Tarot, but today and tomorrow I will revisit her readings, teachings and advice….for they are mystical.”

– Heidi M.

I was given a Spirit Guide Reading by Nicky and I received so much more than what I was expecting. The reading was very thorough and detailed and really resonated with me. I also really enjoyed being sent photos of what tarot cards were drawn during the reading. I could tell that there was a lot of care and thoughtfulness in what was written. Thank you so much. I have lots of information to help me in my future.

– Ashley L.

Taking baby steps towards the more spiritual realm, I was always intrigued by the readings Nicky offered. Her daily posts and updates would resonate with me, almost like she was sending me a personal message daily. When the holidays came around, I was at a very low point in my life- around the same time, she offered more in-depth readings for a discount; I figured it was the time to really see what insight and information and guidance she could give. All I have to say is WOW! The Spirit Guides reading was amazing and so on point. I knew exactly what she meant when she was referring to different subjects. There is not enough positive things I could say about Nicky! The universe sent The Van Mystic to me at a time when I needed her most and I couldn’t be more grateful for her and her wonderful gift she is able to share.

– Marla