August 6th – 12th, 2018

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aries



This week presents you with the opportunity to make peace and heal your relationship with a partner or loved one. Be a “lover” this week – acting and communicating from a place of compassion and understanding. If there is something on your mind that you wish to communicate to your partner, a close friend or family member – this is a great week to do so. So if you are not approached with the opportunity to communicate but you feel you would like to, create the opportunity for yourself. Words can be healing, especially when spoken from a place of empathy and with the goal of resolution. Listen to others and be honest to them in return, with a gentle and open-minded approach. There is a way to be direct and resolve conflicts without either party walking away defeated or hurt afterwards. Strive for peace and gentle resolution, and then spend the remainder of the week enjoying yourself in the company of those you love!

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Taurus



This is the week to practice patience, dear Taurus. It’s possible that you have been feeling unstructured or scattered in some aspect of your life, and things just haven’t fallen into place quite yet. Perhaps it’s a project you’re working on that isn’t coming together quickly enough, or a relationship that is having all kinds of communication issues, or even just some plans you are trying to put together this week that are not lining up yet. Change and clarity is coming to you, but you must be open and at peace with your situation in order to receive this change! Once you let go of your need to do things in a certain way, you will have the best chance of understanding what really needs to be done. Clear your mind of worry, and this will open up space for you to have the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for. Your advice this week is also to stop doing things the way you think they are supposed to be done, and instead follow your gut feeling on what you think will be the most successful for you. Once you begin to follow what feels right, the structure and plan of it will begin to unfold before you.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Gemini



This week you may find yourself caught up in some indecision around competing thoughts or opinions. Perhaps you just have a lot of social invitations this week and you don’t know which ones to pick, or maybe you’re trying to make a big life choice this week and you’re confused about which path to take. Your message this week is to seek the advice of somebody with the life experience and wisdom that could help you to find clarity. Even if you are struggling with what seems like a small decision, reach out for guidance! Try not to allow yourself to get caught up with feeling confused, as this can potentially lead to stress or anxiety. If you can’t decide, just ask for help. Perhaps it’s a parent figure, a mature friend, a mentor or teacher. Who is best suited to help you with you indecision this week? This person(s) can help to break you free from any predicament you’re in, so don’t forget they are available to you in times of need.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Cancer



This week asks you to walk away from anything that is not serving your highest good and instead follow your heart and what you know to be better for you. Perhaps you are invited to a party and you feel pressured to attend – go with your instincts and walk away. Anything that doesn’t feel right to you, trust your heart and follow your own path. This could also show up in a big picture way – maybe you realize this week that some aspect of your life is no longer working for you, and it’s time to let it go; a relationship, a job, a way of thinking. Notice your initial reaction to everything around you this week. What does your intuition say before your head jumps in to intervene? If your intuition is saying “no” but your head is saying “yes”, take a pause and dig a little deeper. Ask yourself if you are acting out of love and respect for yourself or out of duty to others. Do your best to act out of love for yourself this week, and say no if it feels right to do so.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Leo



This week you may find yourself tempted to skip out on your responsibilities and enjoy some fun and adventure instead. You are encouraged to find a balance between work and play, and to remember that dismissing your responsibilities will inevitably have some consequences. Perhaps you’re thinking about playing hooky from work so that you can go to the beach, or you’ve been asked out on a date even though you have a big deadline. Major temptations abound! Do your best to follow through on any commitments or deadlines you’ve agreed to this week, and have your fun and adventure after the work is complete. The key is to compromise – where can you shift things around to have the experience you want? Perhaps you can get an extension on a deadline, or postpone your date a few hours, or just request that day off. Do your best this week to thoughtfully plan and balance out your responsibilities with your personal life.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Virgo



This week encourages you to take an idea or creation you have to the next level. Perhaps you have an idea for a business, or you’ve been thinking about going back to school- maybe you have a crush on somebody and you haven’t put it into motion yet! Whatever it may be for you, this is the week to put an action plan together. Take your seed and consider planting it – ask yourself the where, how and when?  Whatever has inspired you has the potential to grow into something great. What does the next step look like for you? Consider sharing your idea with friends or a loved one this week to get some feedback and solidify your intentions. This act of sharing will make your idea more real as you speak it out loud. It could also inspire a next step on your path forward. Have confidence in yourself and your plans. Do your best to shake off any concern that it won’t be well received or it isn’t realistic – this is your sign to move it forward in some way!

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Libra



Breakthrough! This week holds immense potential for you to break through some aspect of your life that has been weighing you down or causing conflict and stress recently.  Perhaps you are approaching the finish line of a difficult work project, maybe you’ve been taking on some emotional weight regarding one of your relationships, or you’ve just been battling with your own heavy feelings recently. Whatever the case may be, you have the potential to break down the walls and enter into a new phase this week. The advice is not to give up at this moment, because you are almost through. Take control and direct these last strides with confidence until you achieve victory – it is closer than you realize. Soon the struggle, hard work and stress will pay off and you will be able to celebrate and relax. Hold your head high this week and work through any challenges you face with the knowledge that you will soon succeed and be able to move forward.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Scorpio



Dear Scorpio, this week reminds you that not everything you put hard work, passion and love into is meant to live on and thrive. Sometimes we put so much energy into something and we deeply want for it to work out, and then – it fails! This week try asking yourself what you are feeding that is failing, and if it may be time to let it go and redirect your energy elsewhere. This could look big or small to you – perhaps you have meticulously put a plan together for your friends this week and the pieces just aren’t coming together. Or maybe on a larger scale you have been working on a project for months and it just isn’t taking off or working out. Letting go of that which we love and have worked hard for is one of the most difficult things we are faced with in life. This week is about realizing that “our” plan is just sometimes not “the” plan. When you are able to confront and let go of the things that aren’t working for you anymore, you will see all of the other amazing opportunities for success that are surrounding you. It’s possible you will immediately notice a new opportunity or idea and soon you will be working hard and on your way to success.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Sagittarius



This week you may be confronted with a situation that has you torn between following your heart vs. following your sense of security. Perhaps it’s something simple – do I work today or do I take the day off with my family? Or it could be something on a larger scale for you – Do I take a year off to travel, or do I stay in my current situation where I am stable and safe? This challenge could present itself to you in different ways depending on who you are. The message for you this week is to remember that you always have a choice, and you are never really trapped or stuck with anything. Take some time to feel deeply into what you really want, and then shake off any fears that are keeping you stuck or conflicted. Once you realize you have the ability to move in any direction, the decisions you need to make will become clear to you. If you need a day off from work this week, you can find a way to do it. If you love the comfort and stability of your home, you don’t need to feel pressured into embarking on a wild adventure right now. Ask yourself – If fear was not in my way, what would my honest choice be?

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Capricorn



This week has the potential to teach you that failure or loss can actually lead you to freedom and new growth. It’s possible you were recently presented with an opportunity or even inspiration towards something you felt would be successful – however, it may not have gone (or may not go) quite as you had hoped. Maybe you were offered a job, and this week you’ve realized it’s not what you expected. Perhaps you wanted to go on a trip, and now you realize the dates won’t work for you. Or maybe something smaller – you presented something to your boss and it wasn’t well received. The message for you this week is that you are never stuck with something or somebody, even if at first it seemed like a great idea. Sometimes we are presented with opportunities that look incredible, and they end up leading to heartache or disappointment. It is okay to walk away from something that has failed and to start over in a new way or from a new angle. You can recover, change your mind, shift your view, or just strive to do better next time. Don’t let one failure or let down this week stop you from moving forward and achieving what you set out to do.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Aquarius



This week asks you to let go of worry. Celebrate and take care of yourself – and above all, receive from others! If you are offered advice, opportunities or love from the people in your life, accept those gifts with an open heart and spirit. This week is all about enjoying your life and the things you love, without reason or guilt. If an opportunity does not present itself, create opportunities to get out with loved ones or for a self-care day. This week should be a blessing for you, so make it so! Reflect on all of the hard work and effort you’ve put in lately in each aspect of your life, and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Even if you feel your efforts were small, recognize the meaning and power they hold for you and celebrate them as accomplishments. This is not a week to compare yourself to others or hold yourself to an impossible standard – celebrate yourself for who you are and the unique path you are on. Go out of your way this week to do nice things for yourself and to accept kindness, help, and praise from others as well.

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Tarotscopes Symbol for Pisces



This week you may be presented with a new opportunity or idea and immediately feel yourself completely stressed out and unsure of yourself. Find the confidence within yourself to push forward and take what you want! Perhaps you are offered a job and you are concerned you may not be qualified. Maybe you want to start a new business but you are afraid there’s too much competition. Or it’s possible somebody has simply offered to take you out on a date and you are feeling bad about not paying for dinner! Don’t stress – accept and move forward. You deserve abundance, you deserve to be passionate about all of your pursuits, and you deserve to be successful doing something you enjoy. Do your best not to fall into insecurity or self-doubt this week – if something is offered to you it’s because it was meant for you. Realize that you deserve all of the opportunities that you receive and you are indeed qualified for them! Even if you don’t see it right now – take the chance and let the answers unfold over time.

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