July 30th – August 5th, 2018





This is the week for you to let go of worry. If you aren’t presented with an opportunity for rest, relaxation and recuperation – create an opportunity for yourself! It’s possible that you have recently become overly concerned with your finances, your health, or even your emotional stability and desire to engage. This week welcomes you to take some time off from any concerns you have over your sense of stability – or lack thereof. And beyond taking time to rest and recover, the message for you this week is about having faith that everything will work out in the end. Any concerns or stress you are having in any area of your life, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and soon all will be well. Do your best to stay hopeful and relaxed, taking time for self-care and self-love this week – especially in moments of stress or low energy. There will be a period of blessings coming to you soon, so do your best to stay positive dear Aries!

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This week may present you with an opportunity to communicate with a partner, friend or loved one in a new and healing capacity. This may even be a realization you have this week regarding one of your relationships and how you can better communicate. Perhaps you’ve discovered a new way of talking with your parents that opens up your relationship and heals old wounds. Maybe you will finally confront your partner about an unresolved argument that has been bothering you for weeks! Or perhaps you’ve decided how to approach a potential romantic interest you’ve been too nervous to talk to previously. Consider which relationships in your life could benefit from being approached through a new way of thought or speech. Ask yourself if anything feels unresolved within any of your partnerships, and take some time to brainstorm solutions and pathways towards healing. This also applies to relationships that you want but don’t exist yet! There is amazing potential for you to heal toxic or stagnant communication patterns within all of your relationships this week.

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Dear Gemini, this week offers you the opportunity to separate yourself from the opinions of others and stand firm in your true path and purpose. Perhaps lately you feel that you have needed to explain yourself or defend yourself in some situation(s) and it can often feel that everyone is against you. Be it your family, an authority figure, or your peers at work – your message this week is to let go. Let go of the need to be affirmed by your peers and loved ones at this time. The truth is, sometimes the people you hope will understand your perspective may never fully understand – and at times the best thing you can do is release your expectations over the reaction of others. Know that the path less taken is never the easiest or the most clear, but that does not make it wrong. Only you truly know what is best for you and which path you must take. Take the one that makes you feel most like yourself, the most alive, vibrant, happy and true! Put your energy into those feelings this week and take a rest from defending yourself or seeking approval.

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It appears this week one door may come to a startling or abrupt close and another door to greener pastures may open up for you! It’s possible you’ll experience a sudden and surprising change or disappointment, but it ends up leading you to a new and beautiful opportunity or shift.  At first you may resist, but then you will realize what an amazing new beginning you have been presented with! This could take form in many different ways – perhaps a sudden job loss followed by the opportunity to go back to school. Maybe a relationship meltdown that frees you up to be yourself again. Or something smaller even – a failed plan that opens up your schedule for something spontaneous and fun this week! Whatever it may be that feels like a loss or a rattling disappointment for you this week – the message is to embrace the shift and seize any new opportunity that comes in its place. This shift will gift you with freedom and growth this week if you choose to accept it!

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This week it appears that something you have been hoping for may not work out the way you had wanted it to. Perhaps you’ve started a work of art, and it doesn’t turn out quite as you envisioned. Maybe you’ve been pining over a potential romantic interest, but they’ve started dating somebody else and it’s left you feeling heartbroken. It could be a job you applied for that doesn’t pan out. You’ve opened your heart in some way, made yourself vulnerable, and you have been met with disappointment or loss.  Your message this week is about remaining balanced and being gentle with yourself in the face of any let down – big or small! You deserve to take care of yourself and take time for healing, rest and rebalancing when confronted with a challenge. Allow yourself to feel your feels! Embrace the truth of your disappointment and release it in whatever healthy ways you can. This will allow you to move forward with a clean slate next week, having properly honored the time and energy you spent over something you now have to let go.

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Breakthrough time, Virgo! This week you have the potential to break down any barriers that have been holding you hostage and leading to indecision in some aspect of your life.  It’s as if you are suddenly struck with the solution you’ve been waiting for to push through and move forward with something. Ask yourself which areas of your life have been stuck and needing resolution in some way. Be open to receiving the answers you seek in an unexpected, abrupt and external way. Perhaps you’ve been stuck on where to take a creative project, or you’ve been agonizing over a potential breakup – or maybe you simply couldn’t decide how to spend your time this week! The answers are on the way – so keep your mind and ears open to receiving them. Once you are clear on the path forward, take advantage of the juicy energy this guidance will deliver to you. Move forward without hesitation and make things happen for yourself. The walls will be kicked down for you, all you have to do is recognize it and fly over them into the next phase!

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Dearest Libra, it appears as though you may be giving a lot in various ways this week. Perhaps you are trying to juggle your social life with your work obligations, and it’s starting to feel a little overwhelming right about now! It’s a beautiful thing to give to others, however this week you are asked to set some boundaries with your time, energy, and work output so that you don’t burn yourself out. If you feel unclear about what to shed from your schedule this week – take some time to intentionally review your schedule and thoughtfully comb through and cancel some of your plans. It’s as if everyone wants or needs a piece of you this week! Don’t forget yourself and the importance of taking time out for self-care and introspection. Do your best to turn down plans this week if you need to, without feeling guilty about reclaiming your time and energy. Fill your cup first before you give to others in all situations where you are able, and you will make it through the week feeling more energetic and fulfilled.

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Dear Scorpio, this week you may feel a slight shift within yourself. You appear to be moving from a focus on the self and being deep in your emotions, towards feeling more light-hearted and free-spirited. Perhaps last week had you swimming in the waters of your feelings, and you may have spent more time alone or at least wanted to. This week offers you the energy to have some fun and shake off any of the worry or stress from last week. Accept the clean slate being offered to you this week and allow time for adventure, play, and self-expression. If you are invited to do something fun with friends or loved ones, accept! Allow your spirit to be free and follow it’s whims wherever it may lead you. If you don’t have plans in front of you yet, take time to create them and mold them to your liking. The objective for you this week is to feel free, have fun and let loose. Take some time to think about what that looks like for you, and then follow your fun.

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This week you may find yourself feeling inspired to work hard on an idea or vision you have developed. It’s as if nothing can stop you! Perhaps you have an important deadline to meet at work, or you’re inspired to redesign your home, or maybe you just have the drive to create artwork all week long. Whatever it may be, if you find yourself caring for nothing else but your idea(s) this week, you are encouraged to put those ideas first. Put your head down and let all of the creative fire spill out – and don’t forget to plan properly as you move through your work. Mistakes can and will happen if you find yourself rushing out of excitement. Be persistent, don’t lose sight of your vision until you have a breakthrough moment or arrive at the finish line. There’s also a possibility you are coming to the end your hard work this week. And if that is the case, this is an affirmation that all will be well and you will likely find success by the end of this week. The energy is there for you to persevere and come out victorious in anything you choose to pursue.

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While last week was all about letting things go, this week is all about embracing the new. Well done, dear Capricorn! In clearing out the old stuff that was no longer serving you, you’ve opened yourself to receive more fully in the present. It’s possible this week could offer you the opportunity to do something new in some aspect of your life, specifically around education and learning or partnerships and romance. Perhaps you are starting a new job this week, or maybe you’ve met a new friend or potential partner. It’s even possible you will discover a new path of spirituality this week, and embark on a journey of the soul. There is a journey approaching, and that will look different for each of you. Whatever it is, you are encouraged to embrace this change with open arms and trust that you are moving in the best direction. Have faith that you are taken care of and everything will work out as it is meant to. If you don’t see the new journey approaching yet – spend some time this week looking at your partnerships and your journey of learning. Where do you feel you could begin anew?

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This week it appears you may be working extremely hard towards a goal or vision you have. It’s as if you feel that as long as you keep working on this project or goal, you will reach the emotional fulfillment you seek upon its completion. The issue that may arise this week is that you may overwork yourself while trying to sprint towards your end goal too quickly. This may cause some anxiety or moodiness within you because you haven’t left much room for anything else in your week to break up your time and feed your soul. While it is a worthy use of energy to work towards accomplishing your dreams, it is also important to be present and recognize all of the wonderful things you already have right now. Split your time between working towards the future and enjoying the present moment. When we spend too much time in the future, we can feel disconnected or dissatisfied because what we want is never quite within reach. It’s important to give yourself breaks this week and make plans to enjoy where you are right now, either with yourself or with your loved ones. Don’t forget to come up for air and smell the roses around you.

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This week appears to hold strong healing potential for you. You could finally have the time this week you’ve needed for deep rest, introspection and building your confidence in some way. Take advantage of any moments you have alone and utilize that time in a very intentional and caring way towards yourself. If you have been holding on to any pain, past attachment or challenge – now is the week to address it and work towards shifting it in some way. The goal is to make progress within yourself so that you can open up your spirit to something new and joyful. So what is the most healing thought or action you can do for yourself this week? Perhaps it’s some journaling, a walk in the woods, a swim in the lake, an energy healing session. This can look so many ways depending on you. Take care of yourself to rebalance and build your strength this week. Once you refill your cup you will be reenergized and inspired to put your energy into something new and exciting for yourself.

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