MAY 21 – May 27 2018






This week you may find yourself triggered into reminiscing on the past and wanting to invite that energy into your present. Perhaps you are recalling how you once did things a certain way and wishing you could recreate that experience for yourself. If this comes up for you, consider that you may be romanticizing your memories, and ask yourself if digging them up could be hindering you as opposed to helping you. If you are working towards a particular goal, lingering on the past will stunt your progress and block you from achieving what you’ve been hoping to accomplish this week. Use creative thinking to come up with new ways of doing things and trust yourself to make progress by following your instincts. Don’t be distracted by “what was”- it’s time to step into the present so that you can complete your goals with the gifts you have right now. Ask yourself this week, what needs closure so that I can move on and be here in this present moment? Make sure not to sink too deeply into the emotional attachment you have to your past experiences or relationships this week. This could lead to wallowing in regret and false illusion. Balance your thought process with logic and objective thinking. This will help you to achieve clarity on the reality of your situation. 

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This week it appears you will be working incredibly hard towards achieving a goal or intention. Perhaps you will be taking on some extra responsibilities this week – at work, with a relationship, a creative project, etc. If you find yourself bogged down, consider if you can redistribute some of that extra weight or let anything fall away this week. Can you ask for assistance or guidance in any area right now? If you don’t drop something, you may collapse under the pressure of too many tasks or duties and not end up accomplishing nearly as much as you would like. Sometimes when we take on too much, the feeling of being overwhelmed keeps us frozen in place. Taurus, you will get through this heavy week with much more ease if you consider what you can let fall away, and if you make sure to take extra care with proper planning and organizing. Lists and charts are your friends this week! These will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed or wanting to give up, which would undoubtedly lead to pizza on the couch and having a good cry, dear Taurus!

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This week you are being encouraged to face and take control of any challenges or difficult choices you may have been ignoring lately. If any conflicts or issues continue to go unchecked at this time, they may come back to you in their own way and there’s a possibility the issue will grow beyond your control. Remember that pretending something isn’t happening will unfortunately not make it go away! This applies especially if you have been having any financial challenges as of late, or even feelings of hardship or loss. However, this could look a number of other ways for you. Maybe your bills are falling behind, maybe you’ve been feeling emotionally drained, or maybe you’ve been wanting to leave your partner – whatever it is, you’re encouraged to reach out for help and take steps towards confrontation. You will find success in being direct, so do not be afraid to face your problems or challenges this week. Handle them with your best intentions and to the best of your ability, and you will find relief and resolution.

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This week you may be confronted by a new opportunity or struck with inspiration for a new creative project or relationship. The key to receiving this gift for the week is finding a way to shed any baggage you are carrying from your past or romanticized ideas you are holding about the “way things were”. Leaving our energy in the past prevents us from living fully in the present and we often miss opportunities and gifts that are meant for us. Picture this – Somebody standing in front of you reaches out to offer you something, but you miss it because you are too busy looking behind you. Don’t let your attachments to the past hold you back from what is being offered to you now. Be open and present to accept any gifts from the universe this week. Take some time to ask yourself if there is anything holding you back from this, and practice consciously letting it go. Try to focus on all of the wonderful things in your life, and all of the amazing opportunities available to you right now. This week celebrate how hard you have worked to get to where you are today, all that you have overcome, and everything you have achieved. You deserve to move forward!

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You may find yourself in a position this week that causes you to feel challenged or questioned by others. Do your best not to be knocked over by any criticism or opposition coming your way. This week you’re being called to stand your ground with confidence, knowing that it’s important to stay true to yourself and to place value on your own way. Your opinions and viewpoint are just as important as any others. You may want to fall into an insecurity shlump if you feel attacked or judged. In processing any criticism, find a balance between your emotional side and your logical side. Use objective thinking to view your situation with a sound mind unclouded by personal feelings and emotions, and have faith that any challenges you face this week will work out the way they’re meant to. Trust that there is a divine timing and purpose to any tough lessons you may face this week.

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This week you may reach a point in a project, vision or goal where it would best serve you to share your progress with the world. You have worked incredibly hard to get to where you are, and it’s time to gain the recognition you deserve. Beyond that, if you keep your project and vision to yourself it can only ever get so far. Be proud of all you’ve done and accept any praise or rewards that come your way as an outcome of sharing your vision. Conversely, if you have been stuck in the dream state around doing something but have yet to start, the time has come for you to take it to the next level! This week focus on expanding your knowledge or taking some classes – and start telling people about it. By taking these steps, your dream will become more real. Verbalizing and expressing your visions is an important part of manifesting and you are being called to take that step now!

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This week is all about manifesting your intentions and dreams, dear Libra! Time to put all those skills and tools to good use and begin to build on your vision. If you don’t have those skills yet, it’s time to begin building them now! The big message for you this week as you begin to bring your dreams to life is to ask others for help and remember that you don’t have to do everything alone. Your vision will still be yours even with others helping you. And it will only benefit and grow from bringing in people with the proper skills and knowledge so that you can achieve exactly what you want. Take some time to visualize your end goal, and honestly address what areas could be improved and perfected by the assistance of others. If you’ve been struggling with a certain facet of your project, pick up the phone and call somebody this week! You will manifest and achieve exactly what you want if you are open to receive the help you deserve.

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You are looking at a fulfilling and prosperous week as long as you remember to keep a balance within yourself. If you find that you are becoming overly focused on material success this week, remember to practice self-care and tend to your spiritual needs. Or conversely, you may find yourself introverted and lost in your inner world. In this case, remember to socialize and spend time in the outside world connecting with all that is around you. Find ways to reset and shake yourself out of repetitive processes or anything you’re obsessively focusing on. Move your body this week to clear any stagnation through dance, nature walks, or even spontaneous shaking! You are encouraged to dive into what makes you passionate and brings you joy this week, as this will help to create the natural balance you need to be open to the success and fulfillment coming your way.

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Wow, Sag! Looking like a firey and transformative week for you. This week is indicating some major self-imposed changes coming your way and you’re likely to find yourself inspired to shed some old baggage that is no longer serving you. Ask yourself right now, is there anything holding me back from living the life I really want? Perhaps there is a relationship, job, or old way of thinking that you are preparing to move on from. There’s a flame that has been lit within you this week, motivating you to evolve and transform some part of yourself. And this transformation will undoubtedly be a bit of a bumpy ride, as all big changes are. Things will feel up and down, so do your best to ride the waves as they ebb and flow with your transformative journey this week. Find ways to stay grounded and connected to the world around you and don’t neglect your day-to-day responsibilities at this time. Spend time in nature, focus on work and connecting with people, and be gentle with yourself at this time – these things will help you to stay balanced and to better integrate any shifts and changes you are experiencing.

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Ooh La La, Capricorn! This could be turning into a very romantic week for you. It’s possible you will end up spending all of your time holed up with a new lover this week, and you are being encouraged to do so. If you have a longstanding lover or partner, you may find yourself inspired this week to rekindle your connection and find new ways to bond. On the other hand, if romance is not your thing right now, you are still being gifted with a new love or object of devotion this week, and you will find yourself driven and called to spend all of your time and focus building on this newfound love. The overarching message is to focus on LOVE this week. Open yourself up to the inspiration and beauty all around you, and let yourself be swept off your feet. Dive into your passion or relationship this week and dedicate yourself to its growth and connection to you.

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This week could have you completely involved in manifesting a goal you have been working towards. Perhaps you have a dream you’d like to achieve and you are knee deep in the process or thinking about starting this week. While the energy is there for you to move this vision forward, you are being encouraged not to isolate yourself this week or get too lost in your work. Make time for friends and family- remember to socialize! Make sure your goals and ambitions don’t take over all of your time. In isolating yourself and potentially obsessing over work, you may end up cutting yourself off from the support and love you need to inspire you down the road. You will be able to create more easily if you maintain these relationships and allow your loved ones to help and support your endeavors. Also remember to give back to these loved ones along the way- not just in terms of your work and material wealth but emotional and mental wealth as well. Make sure you keep the energy flow balanced in your relationships; seeing that there is an equal exchange and that you are giving as much as you are receiving this week.

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This week is a great time for you to be making progress towards a goal or project you have lined up. This could be something you’ve already started, or something you’ve been dreaming of. Dive headfirst into your work and know that you are guided and supported in whatever you pursue this week. If you find yourself hitting any roadblocks or setbacks in your process, do your best not to fall into a funk over it. Keep your eye on the prize. If you feel let down or hopeless at any point, just visualize your end goal and remember how great it will feel once you finish. Take walks to break up your energy and meditate to strengthen your vision and keep yourself centered. Setbacks are frustrating but inevitable when working towards anything worthwhile, so don’t let them keep you from accomplishing something great this week.

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